Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
The more decisions you make, the closer you get to the truth.
It's time to develop a tight bubble of deep focus.

November 2022

Use your resources to improve yourself before you invest time and money in shallow possessions.

October 2022

A few surprisingly valuable lessons on life and work from a really silly story about two friends, an island, and a campfire.

September 2022

How to get more stuff done in a world full of noise and complexity.
I worked at Apple for 10 years. Here’s what Steve Jobs taught me about how to be successful at anything in life. — Written by Justin Santamaria
Don't let the algorithm convince you that in order to do amazing work you need to upgrade your tools every year.
How to beat the infamous Shiny Object Syndrome.

August 2022

I've been a solopreneur since the day I decided that I wouldn't go to college and I would start executing my own projects and ideas. When you go heads…
A few weeks ago I decided to take a break from social media. I felt like I needed some time to zoom out and make a decision. Sometimes, when we're so…

July 2022

1. Cultivate an abundance mindset. The universe will reward you for it when you least expect it! 2. Do you want more ideas? Go for walks without…